Mazzeru is a 3D narrative game about Corsican myths and tales. Understand the dream of Orsa and find who’s going to die soon.

My job on this game : Concept / Game Design / Narrative Design / Scenario / Cinematics

We never know if it’s good or evil, like we often say in Corsica. The mazzeru is an ambiguous character for the village. He seems responsible of some people death but he can also save them, so he can be helped or killed. Be careful who you talk to and what you say…

Or you might regret it.

If you want to find the victim, you have to know who could die shortly. The best way to know it is to discuss with every villager and interrogate them. But be careful :

  • You don’t want them to know you are a mazzeru…
  • The village is small, so people remember and tell each other everything.

Sometimes, the environment can be more informative than people. Stay watchful and you could find new clues to interrogate people and develop your investigation. The locations of houses and people, a graffiti, an inscription… each element of the environment can be helpful.

But will you be brave enough to be a mazzeru ?

We made that Corsican video game at CNAM-ENJMIN with Ghjuvannu-Carlu Sozzi, Grégoire Carabeufs, Matthieu Henot, Adrien Carta, Victor Mellini, Balthazar Momo, Marc-Olivier Ferrari and myself, Simon-Pierre Mattei.

To download the game :

Facebook : Mazzeru

Tumblr :

Twitter : @U_Mazzeru

Website :

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